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I have always admired my quilt making friends, so I decided to try my hand at painting one.  After many hours of searching and looking at Barn Quilt patterns I printed off a picture and decided to freehand and draw my pattern.

Using my tape measure and finding the center of my board horizontally and vertically, I reached for my T Square, triangle, pencil and eraser.  I learn quickly how important it was to have that eraser handy.




 I decided that I would use Real Milk Paint products since they are made from 100% organic material, they are safe for the environment, and also protects you from harmful fumes.  A great non-toxic pigment paint (in a powder form) that can be mixed 1:1 with water. Real Milk Paint will give you a matte, velvet, chalky paint surface. The lime wash look along with great coverage in a paint that sticks to a majority of surfaces without any priming or sanding. It is amazing how far Real Milk Paint goes.  On all of the colors of the center design I only used 1 teaspoon of Real Milk Paint and 1 teaspoon of water to achieve two coats of the paint color and still had some of each color left over.   

My color choices for my star pattern in the Barn Quilt were:  Pearl, Flag Red, Deep Sapphire and Arabian Night.  By custom blending Flag Red and Arabian Night I was able to achieve the dark red in my star.

After laying out my design, I began taping my pattern to apply my colors doing first all areas where that color was to be placed.  This is where your painters tape becomes your best friend.  Make sure if you are reusing your tape to always have a clean edge so that your next area you are painting does not blend the last color that you used into your pattern.   Real Milk Paint is a water based paint and it is easy to blend when another wet color is applied.  Also, your tape will give you a fresh edge between the colors.


Did you know that Real Milk Paint will stick to raw wood, plaster, dry wall, stone, unsealed brick and concrete?  You can paint right over existing finishes for a Peely, Chippy or crackled surface.  No primer is needed on raw wood and porous will even stick to latex with the addition of Ultra Bond.


I did choose to use Ultra Bond in my paint, which was a personal preference. Most generally your "Chippy" and "Peeling" effect occurs while your second coat of paint is drying and I did not want this to happen.



Once again after this point you will need to remove your inside tape and place clean painters tape down over your existing painted area firmly.  Be sure your edges are firmly attached so no bleeding of your adjoining color and/or bleeding of fresh paint under your tape can occur. This also helps prevent blending with that color, too.  Since Real Milk Paint is a water base paint it is easy to blend your colors by going over existing colors or mixing special colors with the powder mix.  By mixing the Flag Red and a touch of Arabian Night I was able to produce the Dark Red in the complimentary area of the center star.

Okay, Okay,....grab that painters tape one last time you will place clean painters tape around your whole exterior painted star to protect it to add your background color.  



I choose to use Fresh Lemon more as a stain than a paint in my background.  In order to use it this way I add 3 teaspoons of water to 1 teaspoon of powder. This is how bright Fresh Lemon is with just one application being used as a stain.

In making my frame for the Barn Quilt, I liked using outside corner moldings that you can be purchase in raw wood in various sizes.  You can pick these up at any big box store. They make a nice front and edge trim for your piece.  After making the frame it was painted with Arabian Night Real Milk paint and slightly distressed with 400 Grit finishing sand paper in random areas.  


The total project was sealed with General Finishes 450 Exterior Satin topcoat front, back and the edges of the board for protection against moisture prior to adding the frame.  I also sealed my frame front and back with GF 450 Exterior Satin.

You can always check out any of the Real Milk Paint products used in this project in my Showroom and Retail Store:

Renaissance Lady, 32428 Whiteman Rd., Mora, Mo  

We have lots of other projects on our Facebook page that has been done with Real Milk Paint products and Finishes:


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We teach classes in the use of any of our products and finishes, just give us a shout.



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