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Custom Upscaled Teacher's Desk with Bermuda Blending

Posted by Connie Hill on December 10, 2017 . 0 Comments

Custom Up-scaled Teacher's Desk with Bermuda Blending

I have had the pleasure of learning, studying and creating with the beautiful Bermuda Blending technique taught by Maria Revollo with the Southern Blenders Bermuda Blending Paints.  Have you seen this technique?

A local teacher contacted my business and wanted something different and unique for her desk and was open to creative ideas.  Seizing the moment I suggested the Bermuda Blending finish to up scaling her DIY desk.

Challenge accepted for this task

First prepping the door by stripping the old finish off with Soy Gel Stripper and rinsing with TSP and a second  wash of 50/50 mixture of Vinegar and water.  I can not express enough how important it is to do good prep work prior to refinishing any piece whether it is stained or painted. Your finished results is always based on how well you have prepped your project and how your finish will stand the test of time.

Laying the base colors and making sure they are blended a base coat  to build upon and setting the stage.

Blending one color after another to begin layering Southern Blenders Chalk Paint, to be able to layer the Metallic Paints, Gilding Powder and Texture upon.

Wanting to add a little texture to the inserts by mixing Pixie Dust Texture to a paint base so I could use my Bird and Leaf  Artistic Paint Roller.  When you mix your texture with your paint you need to think about making it the consistence of  brownie batter.  


Once you have your texture prepared, just go ahead and brush it on.  I suggest doing only one section at a time.  Then after waiting about 5 - 7 minutes roll your decorative roller over the texture you have applied.  Don't totally loss it if you are not successful on your first attempt using your roller.  You can just take your paint brush and smooth it back out and re-roll your pattern if need be.  (TRUST ME....I have learned by my own experiences.) Repeat as many times as you need, it does get easier by repeating and practicing.

Now, it is time to take a break and let the texture will need this time to regroup. :)

The fun begins as you start adding Unicorn SPiT,  Southern Blenders Gilding Powders and Metallic Paints.  Layer after layer until you love what you have.  Once I have the Unicorn SPiT applied over the paint to help highlight the Bermuda Blending paints, I sealed the total project with Clear Shellac.  Letting it dry before my next step.

Last steps in my process was adding Southern Blenders Metallic paints in the fashion of the dry brushing technique and adding Southern Blenders Gliding Powders to pop the details to the texture and embossed picture that occurred when using the  decorative roller of the bird and leaf on the insert.  So many wonderful colors to choose from in the Southern Blenders Metallic Paints. 



You may ask, why would this be your last step?  Because Southern Blenders Metallic Paints and Gilding Powders are self sealing and very vibrant once applied and cured.


I am a proud retailer of all the products that were used to create this Gorgeous one of a kind finish for my client.

Also, you can check out more of our custom finishes at our official business page:



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