Renaissance Lady - Connie S. Hill

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Renaissance Lady - Connie S. Hill

NOW IN STOCK Bermuda Blending Southern Blenders are a mineral based paint with the durability of latex paint. They are water based and come in 5 amazing and vibrant colors.

8oz Bottles of Mineral Paint in the Bermuda Blending Colors developed by Maria Revollo are manufactured by the Pixie Dust Paint Company. 

This is for the Complete kit and Includes all 5 Paints, the 4 Metallics and 1 Gilding powder.

 Items included in this kit is:

Southern Blenders Paint:  Bermuda Blue #1, Bermuda Blue #2.0 (New Color), Bermuda Blue #3, Bermuda Blue #4 and Bermuda Sunset

Southern Blenders Metallic Paint:

Blue Reef, Lava Orange, Temple Gold and Green with Envy

 Southern Blenders Gilding Power - Burnt Gold

$ 100.00