Renaissance Lady - Connie S. Hill

ORIGINAL RETAILER of Unicorn SPiT Gel Stains; Real Milk Paint and Finishes; Southern Blenders & Pixie Dust Paint Company Non- Toxic, environmentally friendly paints, finishes, stains, gilding powders and paint additives that is ideal for your home and decor. Made from 100% organic material, paint is safe for the environment, and protects you from harmful fumes.

Viva Kristall- Gel 


Transparent Hologram Gel producing light breaking 3D effects. This unique gel produces a remarkable 3D effect particularly when applied to build a structured shape. To achieve stunning effects Crystal Gel can be stippled, stenciled, or traditionally applied free hand onto almost any object. You can also scrape a shape into the gel before it dries.


  • Apply Crystal Gel smoothly over the surface of the object using a modelling knife.
  • Clean all tools with a water before it dries.  
  • Drying time - depending on the coat of thickness within 24 hours.
  • Protect container from frost and heat.