Renaissance Lady - Connie S. Hill

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Southern Blenders Metallic Gilding Powder

Renaissance Lady - Connie S. Hill

Southern Blenders Metallic

Gilding Powders

What do you get when you mix the world of Pixie Sparkles with the talents of M&B Furniture Decor?  You get 9 amazing Metallic Gilding Powders that are sure to take any project to the next level.  These all natural Mica and Clay powders are easy to use and a little goes a long way!  We like to call them "Eye Shadow" for furniture!

  • Volcanic Ash (Charcoal)
  • Sunshine Gold (Light Gold)
  • Spring Pearl (same pearl that is used in the Pearl wax...its ahhhhhmazing)
  • River Rock (Light silver)
  • Grizzly Brass (Dark Brown Brass)
  • Burnt Gold (Bronze)
  • Emerald Dust (Green)
  • Ruby Dust (Red)
  • Shawni-Sea Blue (Iridescent Blue)

Gilding powders can be used on nearly every surface from metal to wood to painted to stained!  It can also handle just about any sealant from wax to water base polycrylic to an oil base poly.

Cautions:  While these powders are 100% all natural, they are still a powder and powders can go airborne.  DO NOT SHAKE your powders.  If they get a little shook up...let them sit for a few minutes before opening them.  Powders have an endless shelf life unless exposed to moisture.  So please keep them dry!  

Clean Up: Wash hands with warm water and soap to remove any reside powders.  To remove from surfaces, vinegar and water is the best method and if you want to remove it from a project piece the area will need to be sanded as it will make a permanent bond with the paint/materials.




$ 12.00