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Half Pure Tung Oil and Half Citrus Solvent. Never mix these products again. Neat and efficient. Great for food safe projects like cutting boards, table tops and wood kitchen items. Half & Half is also the right mix for raw wood floors, walls, and outdoor furniture. The same process as in floor finishing would be the way most all projects are finished.


  • Pint – 16 oz. covers 50 sq. feet per coat
  • Quart – 32 oz. covers 100 sq. feet per coat 
  • Gallon – covers 400 sq. feet per coat 



We generally recommend the Pure Tung Oil be mixed 1 to 1 with Citrus Solvent. That’s why we call it Half & Half. This make the oil thin enough to penetrate most surfaces. Then the Citrus Solvent evaporates in about two hours. However, the Citrus smell of oranges may last up to two weeks.

Half & Half is food contact safe for wood counter, cutting board, wood bowls, and tool handles. It is also popular for finishing porous stone, concrete floors, and concrete counters. Easy to repair and touch-up later after you have finished using one of the “How To” above. Just make sure the area is clean, free of wax, dirt, and grease. Then wipe a thin coat and allow to dry over night.

Tung oil is the toughest of the natural drying oil. All other oils are weaker when it comes to toughness and water resistant. So, if you want a natural finish that is waterproof this oil is the best, 100% natural oil available.

Curing takes 7 to 10 days for a partial cure and 15 to 30 days to achieve full strength. You can use your counters after you oil. Just be sure to keep water drops from sitting on them for 7 to 10 days. Keep plate and hard objects off the tops as well for the same amount of time. Does not go rancid. Will keep for years if properly stored in at a average temperature out of sunlight. Do not let freeze.

If your cutting board is coated with mineral oil, this should be removed as best as possible before application of the Half & Half. Mineral oil is classified as a non-drying oil. Mixing with the Pure Tung Oil would slow or stop it from curing or just leave a soft finish. To remove the mineral oil, clean with Citrus Solvent and scrub with a plastic scotch bright scrub pad. Wipe up the loose Citrus Solvent with dry paper towel. Then allow to dry. This would be the non-grain raising way to do it. Alternately you could use dish soap and water as well. Follow same procedure as above. But if grain is raised when wood is dry, then a light sanding my be necessary before applying the Half & Half.


PLEASE NOTE: We are currently using a Pine / Citrus Solvent mixture in order to keep pricing stable during the current Citrus Shortage.

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